Getflix is a SmartDNS service which aims to unblock websites which are region locked. There are many services out there on the internet which does this by the use of a VPN(Virtual Private Network), in most cases VPN’s tend to be slower than what could be made possible by Getflix.

Getflix isn’t a VPN. It’s a DNS service, so it doesn’t need me to set up a lot. It’s as simple as changing to DNS Settings on your computer. Most of you would’ve put up Google’s DNS and which has index of all the domains names with their IP address, this is basic internet working. Getflix has independent DNS Servers running in different parts of the world which route the traffic from your IP to the service that you want to get access.

Getflix automatically changes the location where you are from depending on your selection through the website. This is made possible by mentioning your IP address on their website so that Getflix can route the traffic for the specific IP address.


Setting up was as easy as watching the shows that I wanted on Netflix. It’s pretty easy to get Getflix started on Android and Macintosh as there are applications made to ease the process of updating the IP and Region selection. Getflix provides very detailed guides on how to setup up their DNS on all the devices and consoles available like the PS3/PS4, Roku and Xbox 360/One. I was surprised when I found articles for how to set up Getflix for the new range of smart TV’s from SONY, LG and Samsung.

First, I setup Getflix on my MacBook. They provide a standalone app which allows easy updation of IP address and region selection for the service. It automatically took care of updating the relevant DNS because Getflix provides numerous DNS Server locations which can be picked by which is the closest to you, thus reducing the latency of fetching the data.

Getflix Review

Getflix App for Mac would sit on the menu bar which provides quick access to the turning ON or OFF the DNS service.

Getflix Review

I also tried Getflix on Android because there was an App on the play store, Surprisingly It was compatible with all the devices I had reviewed in the past. The Android application had a similar design as the desktop app and did the same function of updating the IP and Region selection. Android app has automatic IP update on Wifi and  3G/4G option just like the desktop version.

Getflix Review

Taking a look at the number of channels unlocked with the service is more than 100. I was able to use Netflix, Vevo, Crunchyroll and CBS without having to be shown the annoying message – “This service is not available for your region” because I’m checking . It worked as it was advertised without having any issues. I never had to ask for support, but I’m glad they provide support 7 days a week on the website. I liked the easiness of using this service with one-click IP update allowing me to access every channel that I needed.

Incase, if you are on Windows or iPhone, the DNS Setup is a manual process and while visiting a website which is blocked in your region, you are automatically redirected to the getflix console to update the current IP address if you haven’t already.


Getflix provides DNS-over-VPN which helps in some cases like a hotel room WiFi or public WiFi does not allow to use custom DNS Servers other than the ones assigned by the network. At the time of review, it was stated to be in BETA, It should be out as a full completed feature soon.

Getflix can also be configured on some of the popular WiFi routers available in the market such as Netgear, D-Link and LinkSys. This feature is essential because some devices such as Chromecast, Roku and Amazon FireTV does not have an option to configure DNS. I use a Netgear router at Home and D-Link router at office, both were able to be setup with custom DNS which would be automatically assigned to the devices when connected to the WiFi. Getflix’s knowledge base has all the support articles for configuring the DNS.



The pricing for Getflix is 3.95$ for a month, the cheapest DNS subscription inclusive of the VPN. You can test the service out with a 14 Day FREE Trial without any credit card signup. Subscription can be made once the the trial ends. 12 month package is really good deal for 1 year access to all your favorite channels such as Netflix and hulu. If you’re already paying for a channel subscription then you should definitely have a Getflix subscription. If you have multiple subscriptions for Getflix, you can get a sweet discount as well.

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