There are plenty of reasons to be happy about what Microsoft and Sony brought to E3 2014, But I fail to see how anyone can miss Nintendo from the big scene. Do you remember good old days, When we used to play games only on Nintendo devices? Gone are those days, Clearly PC and Console gaming made a huge impact on the downfall of the company. Yet they have always managed to bring new games and announcements to their devices. Here is all what you need to know about The World of Nintendo at E3 2014.

Main attraction was Legend of Zelda : Hyrule Warriors- high fantasy themed action adventure game developed by Japanese designers Eiji Aonuma and bunch of others. Eiji Aonuma unveiled a short glimpse of the next game under the title. It was unclear as they showcased yet another game under Legend of Zelda which will be shown in upcoming months. Stay tuned to Techzei.

This might drive you crazy. Yes, Recently revealed news about new Pokemon games have made it debut to E3. They are Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. Many more Pokemons are made and is available as clearly showcased in the trailer. Game will be available this November for the Nintendo 3DS.

Next up is an RPG which will be released in no time before 2015. Previously called as RPG X, it’s title was revealed at E3. It called Xenoblade Chronicles X. The story is set around in space in middle of a war. The trailer featured had a Mass Effect feel to it, ranging from high-speed space vehicles to advanced weaponry.

Next up is Super Smash Bros. Making its impression in the fighting genre, It will surely address the hope of Nintendo community as  a better alternative to Super Smash Brawl. With the return of all iconic characters from Hedgehog to Pacman, it will be a wonderful treat to the device owners. It is developed by Sora Ltd and Bandai Namco games and is set to be released on October this fall. It will be available on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

This is rather a big one, Splatoon has a candid gameplay experience. Developed and published by Nintendo, it sure will bend the impossible. Player teams up as four and smash-up rivals with the paint gun they have. Game elements are soon to be covered by paint once match starts. Two switchable characters, Inkling which can shoot around paint against enemies while Squid character uses tactics to spread the paint evenly and forces enemies to re-spawn at older locations. Team with most area inked wins the match. Not to mention that various unlockable weapons will be available. It is due to be released on Wii U at around Q1 2015.

Kirby and Rainbow curse is direct sequel to Kirby : Canvas curse from 2005. Its all about helping Kirby – a clay ball to progress through the game with the help of rainbow paths drawn. Level progressing makes Kirby take various forms which indeed comes handy. It is developed by HAL Laboratory and will be available for Wii U 2015.

Mario Party was officially confirmed for Wii U in 2015. Four of the  iconic heroes under Mario family get to party together, I bet they didn’t realize that the Great Eye is always watching. Bowser comes into the scene and drives them crazy. Now all they have left to defend themselves is their will and control. Go Mario go!! Notable that all four member are playable while one friend remain as Bowser kicking off others.

Mario Maker is now officially announced. The game was long rumoured, knowing this really exist makes the charm among all. It is more of an application cum game. It provides players with all the tools required to generate a new Mario world now within Wii U. New missions can be created on the go and can be challenged among friends and family. It showcased two types of display editors available in the game. It will be available for Wii U holiday 2015.

Captain Toad : Treasure Hunter makes a sleek entry into Puzzle category. One of the most expected game reveal at E3 by Nintendo. It combines the action of Mario with a little brainy approach of  Toad. Is Toad greedy? Why is there even a hunt for treasure?  Well the questions remain unknown. The gameplay is simple and neat where you use your brain and solve the puzzle for progress. Progress depends on your decision pattern, Be wise or die !! Game will be available for Wii U Q4 2014.

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