Apple has updated iTunes 11 to version 11.0.3 with some fixes and improvements. Apple introduced the fab MiniPlayer feature with the launch of iTunes 11 and with this update, Apple is taking MiniPlayer to the next level.



MiniPlayer When iTunes 11 Released


This new updated MiniPlayer displays your track’s album art linear to Music Controls with some other functions which makes the MiniPlayer a real MiniPlayer.


11.0.3 iTunes Mini Player – Music Controls


11.0.3 iTunes Mini Player – Song Information





iTunes 11.0.3 also allows you to view Multi-Disc albums as a single album along with an improved Songs View section. Besides this, usual bug fixes and improvements are made for sure. Grab this update by opening your Software Update Center.

Many would ask why would I want a Mini Player ? Well, You can fit this mini player just about anywhere by resizing.


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