Mobile gambling is here to stay. With so many online casinos, online poker establishments and bingo sites already having a dedicated mobile app for the largest platforms like Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows mobile, the audience is growing by the moment. With an expected net revenue of over 40 billion US dollars in 2016, mobile gambling is booming. There are more and more apps emerging every day, with most online casinos and other gambling enterprises having at least one dedicated to its respective field. You can check out some real money casinos, in a list of Playtech mobile casinos, as well as supporting games that can be played on apps for iPhone and Android casinos.

Real Money Gambling from a Smartphone - Is it safe-TECHZEI

Apart from the rather technical innovations, opportunities and limitations that mobile gambling brought with it, what most players who have shifted their platform from desktop to mobile find important is, of course, the case of security. With devices that already do everything for us, from talking, surfing the web, work related activities, entertainment and now, real money gambling, just how safe are we when using the mobile casino apps?

First and foremost, don’t think that just because you are on a mobile device you are safe from outside interference like viruses, Trojans and other malicious software. Just as the popularity rises in mobile gambling so does the interest of hackers that would want to hijack your valuable personal data from their gain.

Online gambling developers for casino, poker and bingo apps have already taken note of this and are making sure that your data is protected. Online app authentication is still required – you will have to create your own user name and password, and you can even employ double verification using email and your phone number. This is even better from the usual one way protection, which helps you keep your account safe and your data secure.

Real Money Gambling from a Smartphone - Is it safe

Then we have the actual apps which have built in protection as well, in the form of authenticators and for logging in and securing your account, as well as SSL encryption for conducting the online transactions. Since you will be making deposits and withdrawals using your smartphone it is only logical to have the process secure as well, so the developers use the same type of encryption as banks and other secure establishments to make sure no data packets are lost.

With that being said, you ought to keep your smartphone where you do most of your real money gambling virus free. This means you should install a secure mobile antivirus to note any unwanted activity on your device. Furthermore, you should keep your smartphone updated to the latest iteration to avoid potential security breaches from outdated software. A smart thing to note is never to do your gambling when hooked on a wireless network which you do not have any affiliation with (like an airport Wi-Fi, coffee shop, etc). These places are rife with potential danger from hackers who might piggy pack on your phone if it is unprotected and install a host of malicious programs that will inevitably cause you great financial harm.

Last but not least, you should exercise safe search when you are browsing the web on your smartphone or tablet. Visiting entrusted websites and downloading suspicious apps can lead to harmful events like a hacker installing a key logger or snooper – programs that might steal your credit card information.

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