The smartwatch market is booming. Ever since Apple entered the game, more and more smartphone developers are offering their own take of what a smartwatch should look like. Big smartphone manufacturers are trying to offer new, tinier solutions that will display your favourite apps. You can check some popular mobile casinos apps, as well as casino games at Mobile Casino Safari, along with reviews and articles.


There are dozens of different models that follow the trend, mostly plastic types that can be spotted from a mile away as a “geek-only” wrist-ware. With that being said, Huawei brings about a new contender on the market that is here to change all that. Meet the Huawei Watch – a smartwatch designed and beautiful as your expensive analog watch, but with AMOLED screen and Android watch OS. That’s right, the Chinese company is blurring the lines and even folks who have no desire in getting one of them “electric watches” can now own a device that can show their email and Viber notifications.

First things first however – this is NOT a cheap watch to be bought. We are talking very high quality build material with chrome and stainless steel, as well as leather depending on the model and build. Even the cheapest model is in the high price range (above $200) though you can clearly see that Huawei hasn’t skimped on the important stuff. The materials used are of fine quality and the overall build and feel of the smartwatch is superb. You can even compare it to some of the great analogue models – it is up there! The watch is also water resistant and you can use it under water under 1m. 

From the get go, the watch is equipped with a high quality AMOLED display which is 1.4″ in size, 400 x 400 pixels and density of 286ppi (not the peak but it is very good overall). The heart of the smart experience is handled by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 mobile processor which boasts a quad-core 1.2GHz Cortez-A7 CPU, and for a smooth experience the watch is equipped with 512 MB’s of RAM and 4GB internal memory.


The OS is the outdated Android Watch OS 1.3 (a newer version is out though whether it will get updated is hard to know) which handles all your functions on the smartwatch. There’s the usual stream of notifications which you can set up using the simple movement commands. You can also handle the notifications when hooked up via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with your smartphone.

From the additional (yet standard) features there’s the PPG Heart rate sensor, a 6-axis motion sensor and a barometer (the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth we already mentioned). You can even set up vibrations if you want to get notified though we won’t recommend it since it drains the battery faster.

Speaking of battery, it is quite sufficient for the usual day to day activities, though if you use it constantly it might drain faster. The watch comes with a fast charging dock that will have you ready in less than 45 minutes.

Overall this is a great watch, build-wise. The smartwatch features aren’t exceptional though you can hardly expect anything better from the competition as well. With that being said it is quite expensive though you can see where Huawei are coming from – this isn’t just a smartwatch, it is also a very beautiful and stylish device you can use in the gym or at the dinner table.

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